Saturday, November 13, 2010


This fall "Uncle Dan" took his nephews on a few adventures during their stay at HoneyRock. I am calling this post "courage" because that is exactly what I saw in those little boys. This is the second time in less than two years that their daddy has been deployed. All of them are courageous but my story is going to be told by one: the youngest, little Matteo.

here he is. He's watching his big brothers climb the wall.

And so it is that this four year old boy decides he must climb that wall too. He cannot contain himself, "Now don't get discouraged, don't get discouraged" he says to himself over and over again as Uncle Dan ties him in.

... and pulls him up.
"This is how my daddy used to hold my hand," Matteo says as he reaches up and grabs Uncle Dan's pinky finger. And so he walks, Dan's pinky in hand, on to the next adventure: a 700lb pumpkin.

How this 700 lb. pumpkin would become Matteo's he could not guess, but here he stands, like a Michelangelo with his marble block.

With the help of Uncle Dan and a crowd of college students he bravely steps aboard.
Matteo the Courageous.