Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jeremy and Melissa

How do I begin to tell this story? It is one I have grown to adore as I pour over the pictures of this day. All the anticipation and excitement, the love and affection, and the incredible families these two come from is better than any romantic comedy could invent. This is real life and I am so thrilled for Jeremy and Melissa!

   photo mel-27_zpsabbda08a.jpg photo dyptichs-39_zpsdc2c7ebd.jpg  photo dyptichs-38_zpsc9789558.jpg  photo dyptichs-41_zpse0f47894.jpg  photo mel-15_zpsbdd3aa05.jpg  photo mel-17_zps84643fcb.jpg  photo mel-18_zpsceb72233.jpg  photo dyptichs-43_zps2dc27e33.jpg  photo dyptichs-45_zpse7d34764.jpg  photo dyptichs-54_zps1c92e0fd.jpg  photo mel-20_zps95cb0e97.jpg  photo dyptichs-49_zps01c238c9.jpg  photo mel-22_zps85fbfc52.jpg  photo mel-24_zps5b935b12.jpg  photo dyptichs-53_zps6ef3ec26.jpg  photo dyptichs-52_zpsbc2d6c4a.jpg  photo mel-25_zps29f03a3d.jpg  photo mel-30_zps06b0af2f.jpg  photo mel-29_zpsdf21d63b.jpg  photo jer_zpsfa2b4e75.jpg  photo dyptichs-40_zps48387c76.jpg  photo jer5_zpsc903e428.jpg  photo jer3_zps97ace9ff.jpg  photo pre-8_zpsa5f823c2.jpg  photo dyptichs-10_zpsd2b77a81.jpg  photo dyptichs-13_zpsf6fa530d.jpg  photo pre-1_zpsbd213cf5.jpg  photo pre-3_zps3c63a02b.jpg  photo pre-5_zpsc029ebfd.jpg  photo pre-4_zpsbb522637.jpg  photo pre-10_zps8a98582b.jpg  photo cer-2_zpsa2414a3e.jpg  photo cer-1_zpsd94494dc.jpg  photo dyptichs-16_zps78777565.jpg  photo dyptichs-17_zpsffb6d046.jpg  photo cer-4_zpsd4269360.jpg  photo cer-7_zps84639b55.jpg  photo dyptichs-20_zpsa144a846.jpg  photo cer-8_zpsbd9ec3e5.jpg  photo dyptichs-24_zps943d1348.jpg  photo cer-11_zps8bead306.jpg  photo dyptichs-25_zpsa510a7f7.jpg  photo cer-19_zpsec7b23b5.jpg  photo cer-16_zpscba8f5ac.jpg  photo dyptichs-26_zps17df046b.jpg  photo exit_zpsd4f82485.jpg  photo cer-21_zps339de734.jpg  photo bparty_zpse0d6facb.jpg  photo dyptichs-31_zpsb0b14332.jpg  photo por-1_zpsbef8161c.jpg  photo por-4_zpsb420d56c.jpg  photo dyptichs-34_zps6d7a3100.jpg  photo por-9_zps9c5f63d4.jpg  photo por-6_zps28f3e590.jpg  photo por-12_zps425924c3.jpg  photo por-2_zps370dfc2d.jpg  photo dyptichs-1_zpsc9febe2b.jpg  photo rec-1_zps6456a009.jpg  photo rec-3_zpsbdfa8fbd.jpg  photo rec-4_zps97cfc3dd.jpg  photo rec-2_zps18b60465.jpg  photo dyptichs-6_zps24aa280a.jpg  photo rec-6_zps3253b343.jpg  photo rec-13_zpsf7a5c986.jpg  photo rec-15_zps94d750a9.jpg  photo rec-11_zpsa224a149.jpg  photo dyptichs-9_zps9094e936.jpg  photo rec-14_zpsc6dc539a.jpg  photo dyptichs-8_zpsfb50fe55.jpg  photo rec-19_zps17ef7b2c.jpg  photo rec-21_zps85be293f.jpg  photo rec-22_zps9f035e3e.jpg

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  1. You have covered this wedding beautifully! (I know how hard it is, as a photographer myself - I have sworn I will not do another wedding!)
    These images are stunning and tell the story of their day so well, I bet they are absolutely thrilled. Well done.